Nadege Ngongo Biography
 Nadege Ngongo
was born in the Republic of Congo, Central Africa.
She comes from humble beginnings, where both her parents were into a variety of businesses. When she was very young, Nadege moved to France and thus was exposed to a world of Art and Fashion. Her mother was an avid fan of the classic Hollywood era and this instilled in Nadege a hunger and love for vintage fashion and Haute Couture.
As a teen, she collected fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle,
Bazaar, Paris Match and made collages of different looks.
Still to present day Nadege continues to explore fashion.
Nadege “LIVES” and ”BREATHES” fashion!
 In 1996 she had an opportunity to come to the United States where she could pursue her dream in the fashion industry. She is fluent in multiple languages. Once in America, she went back to school and attained a BA in Fashion Merchandising and Retailing from CCSU in New Britain CT.
She has worked for many luxury goods retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom and held positions as the designer specialist, business manager, cosmetics manager, and personal shopper.
 She is well qualified with 21+years experience in the fashion industry!
Nadege is very well traveled and quite familiar with the fashion capitals around the world, i.e.Paris, London, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles and of course New York.
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